Dental Implants Riverside CA

Dental Implants Riverside CA

With over 40 years of dentistry practice in this community, we have learned that quality dental services go a long way. For professional dental implants in Riverside, CA, drop by our clinic at any time, and we’ll help you recover your beautiful smile. Dr. Jeff Francis is one of the best dental experts around, and he strives to make you proud of your smile.

What would I need dental implants?

There are many reasons why you’d want or need dental implants. Among them, we can count:

  • Gaps in your mouth after losing a few teeth
  • The need to regain your self-esteem
  • Improved oral health
  • Preventing jawbone deterioration
  • The ability to eat any food painlessly

If you’ve lost any teeth due to an accident or caries, then we wholeheartedly recommend you get dental implants. It won’t only safeguard your oral health and prevent the deterioration of your jawbone, but it will also allow you to eat easier. Moreover, it will give you even more self-confidence to meet new people and to socialize. A bright and healthy smile is a significant contributor to an excellent first impression.

The best dentist in Riverside

Going to the dentist shouldn't be a hassle but a comfortable journey where you receive treatment for your teeth. We promote a hospitable and warm environment where our experts take care of your oral health. Regardless of your affliction, if it is urgent, you can call us at any time, and we will help you. We have a 24/7 emergency care function that our patients have come to fully appreciate.

We promote open communication, where we try to fulfill your desires, compassionately, and gently. Our community has become large enough through consistent quality dental practice, and the friendly attitude that we’ve become renowned for. We are keen on accepting new patients as well, and there’s almost no required paperwork on your first visit, save for the online Intake Form.

Comfortable and efficient dental implants

People who want dental implants in Riverside, CA, should visit our clinic and ask our technicians about the details. We will answer all your questions, so you are as informed as possible when making your decision. We will always follow your wishes and desires when plying our trade.

We are in love with bright, healthy, and natural-looking smiles so much that all of us have decided to help people achieve theirs. Through dental implants, we can do that efficiently and reliably.

What is the best time to visit a dentist?

You should do regular check-ups do your dentist so you can take care of your oral health efficiently. Tartar removal, potential caries, and expert recommendations are all essential elements that you need. If you want dental implants in Riverside, CA, then don’t hesitate, and come to us immediately.

Dr. Jeff Francis will help you reclaim what you have lost and recover your healthy smile. Our dental implants are reliable and strong, and you’ll only have to visit our clinic periodically for regular check-ups.

Dental Implants Riverside CA
Dr. Jeff L. Francis, DDS
3909 Van Buren Boulevard, # 6, Riverside, CA 92503

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