Family Dentist Riverside CA

Family Dentist Riverside CA

Having a professional and compassionate family dentist in Riverside, CA, we aim to help you and your family achieve impeccable oral health and a beautiful smile as well. With the help of our senior dentist, Dr. Jeff Francis, our services receive over 40 years of experience in the field. Naturally, this heightens the efficiency and reliability of our services.

What is the best dentist for children?

At our clinic in Riverside, we treat not only adults but also children as well. We can install veneers, bonding, white fillings, or inlays. Moreover, our teeth whitening procedure works with children as well, and you can even take the solution at home for a more comfortable treatment environment. Your family will receive quality dental services only from our expert dentist.

Finding the right dentist is easier said than done, especially when there are so many dental practices to choose from. If you want additional info about any of our services, contact us by phone or through our online platform, and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible. If you’re new to our clinic, you'll be the happy beneficiary of our New Patient Special package. This includes exam, x-rays, cleaning, and fluoride services five times cheaper than normal.

The best family dentistry near me

If you live in Riverside, then we are your best choice when it comes to oral care services. For any emergency dental issues like toothaches, infections, sensitivity, or fractures, we are available 24/7. Our schedule allows visits day and night, and if you qualify for emergency care, we will immediately start the medical intervention.

We offer a hospitable, friendly, and compassionate environment where you and your family can receive quality-oriented dental services. Essentially, we could be the perfect dental health provider for your children. Our policies revolve around open communication, convenient appointments, and utmost dedication.

Benefits of a family dentist

The most crucial advantage of bringing your whole family to us is that we can monitor your children’s oral health continuously. We keep a patient history file that we update with each intervention and based on this data. We’ll know how to best treat your children in the future.

Our family dentist in Riverside, CA, is unique from other dentists in this respect because they lack that knowledge. We will make sure your family has strong and healthy teeth, and that your children grow up having beautiful teeth. Your oral health is our priority, and for this, we are ready to commit our full efforts.

What is the best family dentist in my area?

At our clinic, we have the best family dentist in Riverside, CA, who’s been practicing dentistry for the last 40 years. Our success in treating patients revolves around professionalism, kindness, compassion, and care for the needs of our patients.

Dr. Jeff Francis is one of the foremost leading dental experts, and he’d be a splendid addition to your family’s health providers. Your children’s oral health is incredibly important, especially during their childhood, when their teeth have yet to grow or strengthen properly.

Family Dentist Riverside CA
Dr. Jeff L. Francis, DDS
3909 Van Buren Boulevard, # 6, Riverside, CA 92503

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